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Moruga Trinidad Home For Sale

TNT Homes For Sale offers this Moruga home for sale under 1 million dollars. What is the price for homes for sale in Moruga? Where in Trinidad and Tobago is Moruga? This property is ideal for someone wanting to own their first home.

princes town home for sale under 1 million


Area:   St Mary’s Village | Moruga   

Type: House For Sale

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Price: $975,000.00 (neg)

Land: 5,000 sq ft

Contact: (868)- 283-1172

Status: Available

This is a starter home / fixer upper in Moruga Trinidad. The home is approximately 10 years old. There is land to extend and with some upgrades, can be transformed into a family home.

About Moruga Trinidad

The village of Moruga lies on the central south coast of Trinidad at the western end of the Trinity Hills. It is in the Victoria County, Trinidad and Tobago, and is served by the Princes Town Regional Corporation.

The village is close to Trinidad’s oil reserves, and fishing are the area’s main economies with some of the residents of the community working in Princes Town and San Fernando. It is somewhat of a rural dormitory district for these larger urban areas.

The main communities within the Moruga district (heading south from Princes Town) are Indian Walk, Fifth Company, Preau (St Mary’s), Cachipe, Rock River, Basse Terre, Bois Jean Jean, Grand Chemin, La Lune and Marac, with the last three communities located on the coast.

Basse Terre has the largest population and Grand Chemin is the location of the major government buildings such as the local police station, library and public health facility.

Moruga Proper hosts the Moruga museum, a small museum depicting the history of Moruga and Trinidad. Moruga is said to be the place where Christopher Columbus landed when he discovered Trinidad.

Homes For Sale By Owner In Moruga

Do you own a home in Moruga Trinidad and Tobago and want to sell? Looking to rent your apartment in Moriga? Did you try selling or renting and was not successful? TNT Homes For Sale is your solution. Let us sell/rent it for you. Simply send us an email: tnthomesforsale@gmail.com

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Barataria Trinidad Home For Sale

TnT Homes For Sale offers Barataria Trinidad home for sale. Barataria is part of the San Juan co operation. Homes for sale in Barataria, San Juan are in high demand. Location and close proximity to transport and Port of Spain makes this neighborhood ideal.

Barataria Trinidad Home For Sale

barataria trinidad home for sale


barataria trinidad



barataria trinidad home




Area: 8th Street Barataria | San Juan

Price: TTD: $2,600,000.00 (neg)

Size: 6,210 sq ft

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Contact: (868)-759-1712

Ref: TNT1176

Status: Available

Beautiful and well maintained 8th Street, Barataria Trinidad home for sale. This is an investment property.  Located within comfortable and highly requested neighborhood that is Barataria.

This property located in Barataria, San Juan within close proximity to health facilities, banks, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, schools and is in fact five (5) minutes away from POS with easy access to transportation.

The house is split into two. The main house which can be owner occupied. There is also an apartment. A wall separates the two spaces; however the wall can be easily removed.

This will allow the option of enjoying the entire space for a large family. The home also features a lovely garden space with a garage to park four (4) cars.

The main house is fully air conditioned and comes with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with a tub in addition to a walk in closet.

The apartment also has 2 bedrooms and includes 1 bathroom. The bedrooms come with air-condition units.

Question: Do you need a lawyer when buying a home in Trinidad and Tobago?

Answer: Yes. A lawyer can protect your interest as this is a huge expense. Real estate attorneys can prepare and review documents relating to real estate such as purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents and transfer documents.

Need to sell your home? Do you need help finding your dream home? Tel: 868 759 1712 – Rickey Villaroel.

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