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Chaguanas Trinidad Home For Sale – Aberdeen Park

Great time to buy this Chaguanas Trinidad Home For Sale. Located in Aberdeen Park Chaguanas your family will create lasting memories in their new home. Chucky Cheese, Brentwood Gardens, Hillview Gardens are with the borough of Chaguanas.

Chaguanas Trinidad Home For Sale In Aberdeen Park

chaguanas trinidad home for sale

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Area:  Aberdeen Park | Chaguanas

Bedrooms:  3

Bathrooms: 2

Type: Residential

Parking: 2

Size: 5,000 sq ft

Price: $ 1,200,000.00 . TTD (neg)

Contact: (868)-759-1712

This is an ideal home for a young family. Aberdeen Park provides a safe environment for kids to play. Pricemart, Movietowne and restaurants are also available.

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4 thoughts on “Chaguanas Trinidad Home For Sale – Aberdeen Park”

  1. Good Afternoon,
    Can you inform me if the property at Aberdeen Park, is still available. If so, please indicate information in regards to water and electricity.
    Also, your commission fee and weather or not your Company draws up the Purchase and Sale Agreement. If you do, is this part of your commission package, if not please state cost. Finally, does your company conduct a search on any liens on property? Ifs, is this part of your commission. If not, please state cost. Interested party, but need to obtain these answers first before proceeding.

    Thank you, Rachael Sparkes

      1. Hi I’m interested in property in the price range of the one stated above.. kindly keep me posted should any more becomes available in the Chaguanas area. Thanks in advance

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