Trinidad Homes For Sale Cheap

Why Trinidad Homes For Sale Cheap is a challenge? Homes for sale in Trinidad are not cheap as a result of the average family income.  Therefore it is even more expensive for the single parent trying to purchase a property. Can you find a house to make it your home? The answer is yes there are many Trinidad Homes For Sale cheap.


Trinidad Homes For Sale Cheap

Trinidad Homes For Sale Cheap may be a challenge if your budget in under 1 million dollars.

The real estate market in Trinidad is now at an all time high. Home owners are asking inflated prices for their home. It is a situation where demand is more than supply. In addition the “good neighbourhoods” are in high demand for personal and family safety.

The Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is government-owned and is responsible for providing homes for middle and low-income families. However the system is unable to meet the demands of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

How To Get a Trinidad Home For Sale Cheap

To get an affordable home you need to be ready when offers become available and act promptly. The following are some tips that can help

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  • Get a Real Estate Agent | Sales Agent | Realtor

realtor services in trinidad

Help to find a home will be easier when you entrust the services of someone with experience in real estate. Do you have the time to browse online for houses for sale? Making calls to view listing can take time. Can you call all the listings you are interested? Do you know how to negotiate with an agent to get a better price? TNT Homes For Sale can help.

  • Pre-qualify

pre-qualify for mortgage

Many people will need a loan to purchase a home. It is important to know before hand what mortgage you qualify for. This would entail visiting your financial institution. A mortgage specialist will be able to determine based on income and expenditure what price range you can afford.

  • Down payment buying a home


The downpayment is important to secure homes in the mortgage process. An offer must be made and accepted. The downpayment is crucial in closing the deal. Real estate deals are hard to find and real estate agents, companies, investors are all looking for deals. Therefore multiple offers will be made when there is a Trinidad Home For Sale Cheap.

The downpaymet is normally 10% of the selling price. This payment is the initial upfront portion of the total amount due and it is usually given in cash at the time of finalizing the transaction.

Homes For Sale In Trinidad and Tobago Under 1 Million


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TNT Homes For Sale will work with you to find you a home for sale in Trinidad and Tobago. Because finding homes is what we do best. We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

How To Stop Renting – 3 Easy Steps to Home Ownership

Rent To Own Houses in Trinidad and Tobago

Owning your own home is a goal many will be setting for 2017. How can you make your dream home a reality? The real estate market in Trinidad and Tobago has moved away from a single parent or lower income family owning a property through a mortgage. To live in a “safe neighborhood” you must have a budget of around two million dollars.

The lower to middle income families face renting as a primary option. Many young people or professionals cannot afford a place of their own so they opt to pay rent for years. The average 2 bedroom apartment along the East/West corridor in a safe area costs approximately $3500 per month. That quickly turns into $42,000 a year and in five years, you would have spent close to $210,000.00

But is that wasted money? Some may say yes others will say no. Somewhere safe to live is just as important as food. However home ownership is better than being a tenant.

How do you break the cycle of rent dependence and move to home ownership? Can you rent to own? Yes you can rent and then own your own home using a plan.

Mortgage Requirements

All financial institutions require you pay a percentage of the cost to own a property. The down payment is usually at least 10% of the cost of the property you are interested in buying. If you currently have a savings account and you are gainfully employed, I would recommend visiting your bank of choice to do a pre-qualification for mortgage. Your bankers would let you know how much you qualify for right now based on your savings and income. It is recommended you speak with a mortgage specialist so they can work the best deal for you and your family.

House Hunting

In Trinidad and Tobago there are many options to find a house for sale. TnT Homes For Sale is a website that provide new listings of homes for sale in Trinidad and Tobago.  The opt-in form allows you to fill in your information and the looking will be done for you.

Looking at properties in the Trinidad Express, Trinidad Guardian, Newsday classifieds section of the newspaper is a great way to find properties for sale by the owner but finding the time to do viewings repeatedly can be tedious and time consuming. When we locate a home within your budget we do the preliminary investigation and provide honest feedback free of charge. It is not about making a commission but rather ensuring that our valued customer receives the best service.

We use our experience and negotiate on you behalf to get the best price on the house for sale. No one wants to pay full price on an over priced home. Realtors and Brokers can save you money in the end of the home ownership process.

Buy Land to Build Your Own Home

Would you prefer to move in to a brand new home rather than a newly refurbished? Buying land can be an option. TnT Homes For Sale can find you land at a reasonable price. The next step will be to build in parts.  Although you may have your dream home ideas you should get your house plans drawn to ensuring they are to town and country specifications.  To build you will need to know your budget and most likely a mortgage will be required.

Buying and building will cost less but there are risks that are involved. Finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor is the key to successfully building your own home.  TnT Homes For Sale can recommend general contractor that can build from foundation to finish. Building allows you flexibility and you have more input in what your dream home looks like. It’s a wonderful personal project to get involved in for the benefit of your family.

Applying to Rent a Government House

The Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) provides affordable rental units to eligible low and middle income citizens.  This service targets citizens who do not own land or housing and do not qualify for a mortgage.  If you find it difficult to obtain affordable rental accommodation, you may be able to benefit from the HDC rental housing program.


Rental units are made available to the public either through the construction of new housing or through the recovery of housing units due to arrears in payments, abandonment or relinquishment. Click Here

Home ownership is closer than you think. For more guidance tips and information, call Keyrol Services Ltd now (868) 759-1712 and let us take you from renter to owner this year.

House For Sale In St. Helena – Owner Migrating

House For Sale In East Trinidad – St. Helena

This is priced for quick sale as a cash buy for an investor or as investment property. The property has been sub divided in apartments and presently earn approximately $12,000.00 in rental income. Check this house for sale in St. Helena – Piarco. #St.Helena #Piarco

st helena house for sale with apartments

cheap house for sale in trinidad

st helena house for sale

st helena house for rent

St Helena House For Sale

Area: St. Helena | Piarco

Bedrooms: 8

Bathrooms: 6

Parking : Reserved

Size: 5400 sq ft

Price: TTD 1,800,000.00 neg.

Contact:  (868)-759-1712 | 748-0116

Ref # : HSF0008

schedule a viewingHouse For Sale St. Helena – Piarco

The upper level is incomplete and can be used as a family home or completed with additional apartments. This property can also be bought as an Apartment Building For Sale. It is behind Royal Castle St. Helena in a quiet and developing neighborhood.

Presently there are the following on the property:

  • (2) Studio apartments
  • (2) 1 Bedroom apartment
  • (2) 2 Bedroom apartments

Within two minutes walk from transportation and other amenities this can be a good investment that comes with a family home.

House For Sale In Arouca

Arouca House For Sale

This is a lovely two storey home with great potential. As an invest property there is a downstairs apartment. There is also an option to purchase the lot of land next door. The package deal of $2,550,000.00 for approximately 11,000 sq ft of land.

house for sale arouca

house for sale arouca living room

house for sale arouca kitchen

house for sale arouca bathroom

house for sale arouca backyard

Area: Waterloo Road | Arouca

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Parking : 3

Size: 5,700 sq ft

Price: TTD 2,095,000.00 neg.

Contact:  (868)-759-1712 

Ref # : HSF0006

schedule a viewingHouse For Sale Arouca

This spacious two storey income(rent ready) property is located on over 5700 sq ft of land in a safe, peaceful residential area in Arouca.

The ground floor possesses a two bedroom 1 bath Apartment with a spacious living, dining, and kitchen area,there are two a/c units one utility/laundry room.-

The upper floor has an open living, dining and kitchen and has three bedrooms that are all fully air conditioned and tiled. Upstairs also has a utility/laundry area; and a beautiful relaxing enclosed porch.

This property has full perimeter fencing, covered parking for three with additional parking space, dog kennels for pet owners & is electronically remote gated.

This beautiful home is in less than 5 mins away in close proximity to the highway, Trincity Mall, Eastern main road and all amenities and is an ideal investment for any interested buyers.

House For Sale Cunupia

Cunupia House For Sale

This is a lovely family home in central Trinidad. With a lot size of 5400 sq ft of land there is plenty living space on the property. This is a low to middle-income neighborhood and properties are sold between $900,000.00 – $3,000,000.00 range. Check the pictures for this house for sale in Cunupia.


house for sale cunupia kitchen

house for sale cunupia living room

Area: Cunupia | Chaguanas

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Parking : 2

Size: 5,400 sq ft

Price: TTD 1,700,000.00 neg.

Contact:  (868)-759-1712 | 685-7653

Ref # : HSF0005

schedule a viewing

The property consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A formal living room with an entertainment room. It also has a built-in bar, dining room and kitchen. The living room has a lovely built-in bar area with white floor tiles throughout. The house is located at the end of a cul-de-sac and has a covered garage. The driveway is beautifully tiled and has the grounds for meticulous landscaping.

Houses For Sale In Trinidad and Tobago

There are many real estate companies in Trinidad and Tobago with hundreds of real estate agents selling houses. However TNT Homes For Sale is the company you need for finding houses for sale in Trinidad and Tobago.

Houses For Sale Trinidad and Tobago

 We are a team that will work with you to find homes for sale in Trinidad and Tobago, land for sale in Trinidad, land for sale in Tobago, townhouse for sale, apartment for rent, affordable commercial space and more.

Homes for sale in Trinidad and Tobago

houses for sale in trinidad and tobagoThe real estate market in Trinidad and Tobago is on a high and prices are escalating daily. The average home can range from $1.5 million to $15 million and taking the time to go through all the different website can be a challenge. We at TNT Homes For Sale can make finding your next home very simple and easy.

TnT Homes For Sale can work with you to find a home. There are areas that are in high demand and prompt action is imperative. Experience has shown that potential buyers are not prepared and lose opportunities of owning their dream home.

What you need to know to buy Houses For Sale In Trinidad and Tobago?

These are some steps that you must complete prior to looking for a house to buy so as to prevent disappointment on your part and/or the agent

  • Pre-qualify – This will entail visiting a financial institution with your spouse (if applicable) to determine what dollar value you qualify. Rates, terms and down-payment will differ from institution to institution.
  • Down-payment – This is usually between 5% – 10% of the agreed selling price. A down payment is required to bind the seller and the buyer – The “Sales Agreement” Upon the owner signing the sales agreement and accepting the down payment the home can no longer be advertise for sale.
  • Location – Where you want to live? Many people overlook this important decision.

The following neighborhoods are some of the most sort after areas for houses for sale in Trinidad and Tobago:

Affordable houses for sale in Diego Martin

Houses for sale in St Augustine

Trinidad and Tobago Houses for sale in Trincity

Santa Cruz houses for sale

Cheap Houses for sale in Palmiste San Fernando

Houses For Sale In Tobago

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