Ascot Gardens Arima Home For Sale

Owner migrating. Check out this Ascot Gardens Arima Home For Sale. A well maintained home in a quiet gated community in Arima Trinidad.

Ascot Gardens Arima Home For Sale

ascot gardens arima home for sale

Ascot Gardens a gated community in east Trinidad. Located within Caparo in the borough of Arima. Situated on the southern side of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway with easy access to all amenities. Piarco International Airport, Guanapo and St. Helena are locations less than ten minutes away.

Buy This Ascot Gardens Arima Home For Sale

ascot gardens arima home for sale

ascot gardens arima home for sale porch

ascot gardens arima home for sale kitchen

ascot gardens arima home for sale bedroom

Area:  Ascot Gardens | Arima 

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Parking: 4

Size: 5,000 sq ft

Land: Freehold

Price: TTD 1,445,000.00 (neg) .

Contact:  (868)-759-1712  

Ref: TnT1071

Price adjusted for quick sale. A quiet neighborhood for families to foster and grow. Built in 2010, this is a well maintained home for sale in Arima Trinidad. Move in ready with stainless steel appliances (TBN).

Bedrooms – (3)

There are three bedrooms. Two 12 x 12 and a master that is en-suite. Air-condition units (needs repair) and tiles are in all bedrooms.

Bathrooms – (2)

One bathroom serves the two smaller bedrooms and visitors. Master bathroom is private.


Women will need to update this kitchen. A bit on the small side and in need of more cupboards. The stainless steel appliances adds value and potential to the space.

Living Room

The living area measures approximately 14 x 14 and hold a living room set comfortably. Air-condition enhances the quality of the space. Modern colors and an accent wall make a statement.


Approximately 30 x 30 sq ft of yard space is available. Bearing Chinese coconut trees are in the back yard. Thousand gallon tank and pump is installed for an adequate supply of water.

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Property For Sale In Sangre Chiquito

This is a great residential and/or commercial property for sale in Sangre Chiquito. With 6 lots of land there is enough land to build apartments and expand.

Sangre Grande. … The Spanish name for blood is ‘Sangre’, so they called the larger tributary ‘Sangre Grande,’ grande meaning ‘big’ in Spanish; and they called the smaller river ‘Sangre Chiquito,’ chiquito being the Spanish word for ‘small’

Property For Sale In Sangre Chiquito

 property for sale in sangre chiquito

house for sale in sangre chiquito

sangre chiquito land for sale

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property for sale in sangre chiquito bar

New Property For Sale In Sangre Chiquito

Area:  Sangre Chiquito | Sangre Grande


Bathrooms: 2

Parking: 5

Size: 30,000 sq ft ( 6 lots)

Land: Freehold

Price: TTD 2,500,000.00 (neg) .

Contact:  (868)-759-1712  

Ref: TnT1073

Located on the Eastern Main Road with parking this property is full of potential. Newly built bar comes with tiled floors, gypsum ceiling and air-conditioned. Six lots of land in total for $ 2.5 million make this a steal of a deal. Lights, water and all necessary paper work are available for  potential buyers.

Land for sale in Sangre Chiquito. Five lots of land are available for apartments or business. Flat land with all the amenities makes this an investment opportunity.

Sangre Chiquito, a small village located after Sangre Grande. Sea bathers use the Eastern Main Road which passes through Sangre Chiquito to get to Manzanilla Beach making it a potential goal mine.

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Organizing Your Wardrobe

How to start organizing your wardrobe properly once and for all. After all, learning how to organize your wardrobe can save you so much time and energy.

organizing your wardrobe

Organizing Your Wardrobe

Understand the Reasons for Organizing the Wardrobe

It is important for one to realize why he or she needs to arrange their wardrobe in an organized manner. In most cases, the major reason for most people is to get the available space organized and well utilized.

This enables one to do away with statements such as I cannot find this, what am I wearing today among others. These are common complaints heard daily in most homes, and it comes from unorganized wardrobes.

Therefore, one should first understand the need for an organized wardrobe, and this will act as the driving force.

Steps To Organizing Your Wardrobe

Empty the Wardrobe

The first step will be to empty your wardrobe. Then get started with the arrangement. Here one is in a position to see all the clothes he or she has and available space for sorting clothes once put inside the wardrobe. Sorting becomes very difficult when things are removed one at a time and so removing everything is, therefore, the best option.

Access the Available Space

At this step, those with plenty of space have an advantage because they would be able to house all their clothes in an organized way. However, for those with less space can also find a solution to working with the space that they have by having small sections of different clothes. This can be done by either hanging or use of shelves and drawers

Sort the Items

Do not procrastinate at this stage. Clothes can be sorted depending on frequency of use and season. What action to be taken either cleaning or mending, donating to charity and the giveaway.

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Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe Storage Organizer with Doors
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